About Us

"Elevating Spaces with Exceptional Flooring"

Impressive Floors, headquartered proudly in Ontario, Canada, has evolved into a prominent Canadian-based company. Having originated in Ontario, we’ve expanded steadily over the past two decades, reaching different provinces across Canada and the United States. Currently, we are actively working towards extending our footprint throughout North America.

Manufactured in Canada since the 1920s, our hardwood production in Ontario is known for top-quality planks, serving customers across North America. Based in London, Ontario, our manufacturing plant prioritizes quality.

We specialize in custom colors for all our hardwood flooring. In Ontario, Canada, our finishing production lines cater to the unique color preferences of our customers. Our skilled experts precisely match colors and produce flooring that aligns with customer expectations.


“To be the industry is the foremost innovator and provider of sustainable, premium flooring solutions, setting the standard for excellence in design, quality, and customer experience while contributing to the creation of beautiful, enduring spaces worldwide.”


“Elevating Spaces with Exceptional Flooring Solutions” encapsulates our dedication to providing top-tier, versatile, innovative, and customer-centric flooring options that enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of every space we touch.

With a substantial distribution center and warehouse, we have emerged as one of Canada’s most versatile manufacturers and suppliers of solid hardwood, engineered, laminate, and vinyl flooring options. Our commitment to quality is evident in our products, consistently meeting the highest industry standards.

Our overarching goal is clear: to empower our network of dealers with innovative and trend-setting flooring solutions that are not only cutting-edge but also affordable. At Impressive Floors, we are dedicated to shaping the future of flooring with quality, innovation, and a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Made in Canada🍁

Hardwood Flooring: Crafted with Canadian Excellence

“In the realm of flooring options, hardwood stands as a testament to both elegance and durability. And when it is proudly labeled as 

‘100 Percent Made in Canada’ you can be sure that you are getting the very best in quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability with Impressive Floors.”

Natural Beauty

One of the key reasons for the enduring popularity of hardwood flooring is its natural, timeless beauty. The 100 percent Canadian-made engineered hardwood preserves this aesthetic by showcasing the unique grains, colors, and patterns of Canadian wood species, such as maple, oak, or hickory. This ensures that your floors are not just functional but also a work of art that adds character and warmth to your living space.


Engineered hardwood from Canada comes in various styles and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your home’s aesthetic. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a rustic, traditional feel, there’s a Canadian engineered hardwood to suit your needs.

Quality and Durability

Engineered hardwood is renowned for its durability, and Canadian manufacturing only elevates its reputation. These floors are engineered with layers of real wood, providing a stable and robust surface that can withstand the test of time, even in high-traffic areas. Each plank is designed to resist warping, expansion, and contraction, making it an excellent choice for various climates.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining these floors is a breeze. Regular cleaning and occasional refinishing are all it takes to keep them looking their best for years to come. With proper care, they can even be passed down through generations, making them a valuable investment in your home.


Canadian-made engineered hardwood places a strong emphasis on eco-friendliness. You can rest assured that the wood used in these floors is sourced sustainably, contributing to the preservation of our natural environment.

"Our Deep Commitment to Transforming Environments Through Quality & Versatility"